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Accommodation Info

Table of contents

  • Staying at the resort
  • Cleaning
  • Additional services
  • Final cleaning
  • Linens & towels
  • Gas grill
  • Outdoor hot tub
  • Pets
  • Smoking
  • Housing rules and regulations
  • Disturbances and emergencies
  • Complaints
  • Recommendations for repair
  • Damage caused during the rental period
  • Number of guests
  • Activities
  • Adventure Park Huikee
  • Restaurant
  • Contact information
  • Site map

Welcome to the Yyteri Beach Holiday Resort by the most beautiful beach in Finland!

To ensure a pleasant stay, we’ve provided the following holiday information for you to explore.

Please read our Holiday Resort rules and cleaning instructions.

The Yyteri Beach Holiday Resort staff wishes you a great holiday!

Staying at the resort

Yyteri Beach Holiday Resort accommodation is available at 16:00 on the day of arrival, and check-out is at 12:00 on the day of departure.

Rent does not include linens or the use of the grill and outdoor hot tub. The linens, grill and hot tub are available for an additional cost. The rent includes detergents and toilet paper.

All keys must be returned to the reception or to the drop key box outside the reception.

Linens must always be used on the beds.


The customer is responsible for cleaning the accommodation during and at the end of the rental period.

The customer is responsible for the following:

  • Airing the linens
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floors
  • Washing the dishes (including emptying the dishwasher)
  • Cleaning the kitchen sink, stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave oven as well as tables and other surfaces
  • Putting equipment and furniture back in their places
  • Washing the bathroom/sauna and restroom facilities
  • Washing the toilet and washbowl
  • Removing any trash from the yard area (including cigarette butts)
  • Taking out the trash
  • Disposal of bottles, cans and food products.

Waste must be delivered to the waste collection points found on page 11 of the site map.

All electronic devices (sauna stove, oven, stove, coffee maker, TV/digibox, etc.) must be switched off when vacating the cottage. Occupants must also turn off the lights and make sure the doors are closed and locked.

Order a final cleaning from the reception one day prior to departure at the latest so that you can relax and enjoy the last moments of your holiday!

If the property is left uncleaned, the service provider is entitled to charge a separate cleaning fee of 95 EUR. If the property has been completely neglected in terms of cleaning, the service provider will charge the customer full cleaning costs of 200 EUR.

Additional services

You can order additional services from our reception during your holiday.

Final cleaning

Even if a final cleaning is ordered, the apartment is expected to be in a decent condition at the end of the rental period.

Final cleaning (ordered) does not include:

  • Washing of dishes (however, the customer can leave washed dishes in the dishwasher)
  • Disposal of trash, cans, bottles and food products
  • Putting furniture back in their places.

Linens & towels

Linens must always be used on the beds.

The rent does not include linens. Rented linens will be delivered to the cottage in a bag. We will also provide a laundry bag for the linens. The customer must leave the linens and towels in the laundry bag upon departure.

Gas grill

Some of the rentals come with a rentable gas grill. You can rent the gas grill for your use at the reception, where you will also receive a gas bottle for the grill (5 kg of bottled gas).

After using the grill, remember to:

  • Close the gas bottle
  • Brush the grates and wipe down the surfaces

An uncleaned grill will lead to a cleaning fee of 50 EUR.

During your stay, you can order more bottled gas from the reception.

Outdoor hot tub

The outdoor hot tub is not included in the rent. You can rent the outdoor hot tub for your use at the reception. The hot tub rent will be charged according to days, not hours. You can extend the hot tub rental period at the reception. The hot tub rent includes a limited daily amount of briquettes and water. You can buy extra briquettes for all-day heat-up.

Heating up the outdoor hot tub

  • Fill the hot tub with water before switching on the heater. The water level must be above the “MIN” mark (on the side, above the topmost jet hole).
  • Fill the heater with briquettes (24 briquettes), fire it up and put the cover back on top of the heater.
  • Keep the heater as full as possible during heating.
  • Once a while, you can swirl the water to even and speed up the heating (but be careful not to touch the drain plug on the bottom).
  • The hot tub is ready for use when the water is lukewarm.
  • When you finish using the hot tub, let the fire burn out and the heater to cool before removing the drain plug and draining the water (use the drain plug tool provided for removing the plug or leave the water in the hot tub and notify the reception).
  • In the winter, take the hose to the sauna to prevent it from freezing.



Guests with pets will be charged an additional cleaning fee of 40 EUR. Bringing a pet without permission will lead to an additional cost of 75 EUR / pet / day.


Smoking is prohibited in all of the holiday resort’s indoor premises, including accommodation facilities. If there is any indication of indoor smoking, the customer will be charged a ventilation fee of 300 EUR per accommodation.

Housing rules and regulations

Guests are obliged to respect the night-time silence (11pm–7am) at the Yyteri Beach Holiday Resort premises.

Open fires are prohibited in the area, except in the designated grilling area. You can buy firewood for the grilling area from the reception.

Note! The rule also applies to the charcoal and kettle grills in the cottages.

Disturbances and emergencies

In case of excessive disturbance caused by other cottage occupants, please contact the reception / holiday resort emergency service or the police.

In case the customer causes any disturbance, damage or danger to those staying in the same property or other customers, Yyteri Sun Oy is entitled to end the tenancy after one (1) notice.


All remarks and complaints regarding the equipment or condition of the holiday accommodation must be notified to the Holiday Resort reception without delay. If the customer has not notified any defects during the rental period, the customer will lose the right to any compensation.

Recommendations for repair

In case you notice any deficiencies in the cottage (burnt-out light bulb, damaged furniture, low-powered sauna stove, lack of dishes), please fill in the attached Evaluation Form. You can return the form with your room key to the reception when you leave the resort.

Damage caused during the rental period

The customer is always liable for any damage caused to the holiday accommodation during rental. Damages must be notified to the reception without delay. The customer is liable for the costs of repairing the damage where damage has occurred.

Number of guests

The number of bed-places indicates how many persons can be accommodated in the holiday accommodation at the same time. Setting up a tent or a caravan is prohibited in the property without Yyteri Sun Oy’s permission.

One of the lodgers must be 24 years of age. Your age can be checked at any point during your stay.


The Yyteri Beach Holiday Resort offers various activities for everyone.

Ask about the following services from our reception:

  • Forest golf
  • Tennis
  • Beach Volley
  • Outdoor games
  • Beach sauna

Yyteri’s renovated sauna right on the beach by the cooling water offers an authentic Finnish sauna experience. Ask more from the reception.

Outdoor activities

The Yyteri area offers several possibilities for outdoor activities. In addition to the beach perfect for long, quiet walks, the area also has a Preiviiki-Yyteri trail, which circles around the beautiful landscape across reeds, beach meadows, forests and dunes. The trail is 28 kilometres long in total.

In the winter, Yyteri offers several kilometres of ski tracks for skiers to explore.

The Yyteri area also includes:

  • Yyteri Golf Links
  • Yyteri Hotel & Spa
  • Reposaari restaurants (Merry Monk, Merimesta, etc.)
  • Kallon loisto cafe
  • Marina Merilokki guest harbour
  • Shopping Centre Puuvilla (Pori)
  • Grocery stores, K-Market Kaanaa & K-Market Pihlava
  • Pharmacy (Pihlava)
  • Service station Teboil, Mäntyluodontie (2km from the holiday resort)

For more information about Pori and Yyteri, visit:

Adventure Park Huikee

Adventure Park Huikee offers fun pastime activities for all ages and is located in the immediate vicinity of the Yyteri Beach Holiday Resort. The Adventure Park consist of ropeway adventures and related activities. The Adventure Park reception can be found in the restaurant building.



The Yyteri Beach Holiday Resort has a cosy restaurant, Rento Burger
The restaurant offers tasty hamburgers and drinks. The restaurant also serves snacks and ice cream.

Contact information

Holiday Resort reception (11am−5pm)
+358 44 727 2251

Outside opening hours, send a text message. We will reply to your message as soon as possible and take care of the issue the next morning at the latest

Restaurant Rento Burger
+358 44 438 6822

Meri-Pori region’s 24/7 property maintenance
+358 50 361 2928

  • Electricity
  • Water main / sanitation

24/7 emergency service
+358 46 923 6127

Please use the emergency service number only for situations that require immediate attention

Other important numbers

  • Regional taxi (Satakunnan Aluetaksi Oy): +358 (0)600 30033
  • Lost & Found (Satakunnan Löytötavaratoimisto Oy): +358 (0)600 14111
  • Yyteri Hotel & Spa: +358 (0)2 628 5300
  • Yyterin Golf Links: +358 (0)2 630 8320
  • Visit Pori: +358 (0)2 621 7900

You can find the Yyteri Beach Holiday Resort reception at the end of the car park, in the building next to the restaurant building.

The accommodation services in the area are provided by Yyteri Sun Oy..

Site map

Yyteri Beach Lomakeskus - Aluekartta



In case of a fire

  • You must quickly escape the toxic gases. Close all doors and windows behind you. This is how you can slow down the spreading of smoke and fire.
  • Exit the burning building and warn others. Help others to exit as well.
  • As soon as you are safe from the toxic gases, call the emergency number 112 and direct the fire department to the location.
    • Holiday Resort address: Hiekkarannantie 189, 28800 PORI.
    • Report the fire as soon as possible to the resort reception as well.

In case of another emergency, such as a sudden attack of illness,

  • Call the emergency number yourself, if possible
  • Explain what has happened
  • State the exact address and town
  • Answer the emergency staff’s questions
  • Act according to instructions
  • End the call only after you have received permission to do so
  • Guide the helpers to the location.
  • Report the emergency as soon as possible to the resort reception as well.

Call again in case the situation changes.
If you call from a cell phone, you do not need to dial the area code.